Accounting Programs at UT Dallas

Zarmeen Moten celebrates with her sister, Khadija Moten, a student in healthcare studies at UT Dallas, after earning her master’s degree in accounting. Moten will begin a job with Grant Thornton, an accounting firm in Dallas.

Learn to practice accounting professionally and ethically.

As an accounting student at The University of Texas at Dallas, you learn to prepare, analyze and communicate relevant information in making business decisions.

Our degree programs enable students to develop a diverse set of skills including ethical awareness, risk identification, technological competence, and effective communication. Our programs offer numerous opportunities for student engagement through accounting organizations and practitioner involvement at networking events. The discipline of accounting can be subdivided into career paths that align with our various graduate-degree concentrations: including auditing, taxation, advisory, corporate accounting, and accounting analytics.

Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in Accounting?

Bachelor’s Degree Program

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The Bachelor’s Degree in  Accounting prepares you for diverse career options. There is a wide range of high-demand paths to pursue. It is the only Jindal School program tailored for students who want to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

BS in Accounting

Master’s Degree Programs

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A Master’s in Accounting Program that fits your needs. Choose between the Flex Program and complete the coursework at your own pace, or, the Cohort Program where you take all courses together with other students as a group.

MS in Accounting Flex MS in Accounting Cohort

PhD Concentration in Accounting

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Our PhD Accounting program is designed for students seeking training in the most advanced issues in accounting, both theoretical and applied. Primarily intended for tenure-track positions in research-oriented universities.

PhD in Management Science, Accounting Concentration
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What makes us unique will help you excel.

A unique benefit of our accounting program is that you can combine your undergraduate coursework with a specialized master’s program. This is a beneficial option for those students pursuing the 150-hour educational requirement for the CPA Exam. Those students interested in a career in public accounting and CPA designation should consider applying for our prestigious Professional Program in Accounting. Our graduate-level internal audit program has been endorsed by the Institute of Internal Auditors as a Center for Internal Auditing Excellence. The Center for Internal Auditing Excellence is ideal for those students interested in a career in advisory.

Learn more about accounting scholarships available to our accounting students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Accounting Area is to strengthen the professional practice, ethical conduct, and conceptual base of the accounting profession, business, and society through its teaching, research, and service. The Accounting Area is dedicated to delivering a high-quality teaching environment that enables our undergraduate and graduate students to achieve their personal and professional potential in accounting and related careers throughout the world. The Area continuously seeks to develop and improve its accounting curriculum, specialization areas, and courses to advance accounting education and practice.

We are committed to conducting rigorous high impact research that culminates in the production of intellectual contributions that advance the knowledge and practice of business and accounting. The Area actively serves its stakeholders, including the School, the University, the accounting professional and business communities, and society through its educational, research, and service activities.

…dedicated to delivering a high-quality teaching environment that enables our undergraduate and graduate students to achieve their personal and professional potential in accounting and related careers throughout the world.”

Accounting Scholarships

MS Accounting Flex students are eligible for JSOM graduate scholarships.

BS Accounting students are eligible for JSOM undergraduate scholarships.

In addition, some scholarships which both groups of students may be eligible to apply for are the following:

Student Experiences

Susanna Carlton portrait

I Transferred to a School Where Faculty Open Doors I Never Dreamed Of

Susanna Carlton, Class of 2020

When I think of the future, I know I will not face it alone, but rather I will have numerous mentors, colleagues and friends who I can reach out to for guidance and support as I begin my journey in my accounting career.

Vidya Mohanraj portrait

Finding Your Fit

Vidya Mohanraj

Vidya Mohanraj, Bachelor’s in Accounting 2019 and Master’s in Accounting 2020, shares her experiences with incoming UT Dallas students who would like to learn more about our accounting programs and her journey at UT Dallas.

Joella Degollado portrait

Faculty Who Cares for Me and My Success

Joella Degollado, Class of 2021

The JSOM faculty, especially in the undergraduate accounting program, are more than willing to help you succeed. I am grateful to have been supported by such a wonderful and caring team. I cannot wait to continue my personal and professional growth with JSOM in the graduate accounting program.

Trinh Nguyen portrait

The Professor Who Helped My Career and My Life

Trinh Nguyen, Class of 2020

Thanks to the UT Dallas accounting program, JSOM career center, and especially Tiffany Bortz, I have had an amazing college experience and landed an excellent internship at a great firm.

Minh Hoang portrait

I’ve Grown Personally Thanks to Faculty and Friends

Minh Hoang, Class of 2021

The friendships, confidence and skills that I’ve learned and gained are invaluable. I am more than satisfied with the program and can’t wait to showcase my knowledge and expertise in the workforce.

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Accounting Program Resources at the Jindal School

Academic Programs – Primary

The accounting area offers one bachelor’s, one master’s and one PhD program.

Academic Programs – Additional

The accounting area also offers certificates, capstone projects and accelerated pathways to adding more degrees.

CPA, Career and Tutoring

Learn more about the CPA exam and how the Jindal School prepares you for it, find out the certifications and accounting career resources available to you and see when and where you can get tutoring assistance with your accounting courses.

Faculty and Community Activity

Discover how accounting faculty are researching, publishing, speaking and engaging in the business community.