Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)

New alumni from the Professional Program in Accounting gather after the ceremony to celebrate on the mall. The program prepares students to pass the CPA exam and helps them secure public accounting internships and full-time jobs upon graduation.

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PPA has everything you need to launch a professional accounting career.

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Public Accounting internship Professional Program Accounting Students case competition
Professional Program in Accounting students at a PPA case competition event

Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting in Five Years

5 yearsThe Professional Program in Accounting (PPA) is an opportunity to obtain a Master’s in Accounting one year after successful completion of the Bachelor’s in Accounting.

PPA allows you to trim at least one year (if not longer) from the time it takes to complete both a bachelor’s in accounting and a master’s in accounting.

Learn as a Cohort and Build Friendships

PPA students take all of their accounting courses together as a cohort, which provides a collaborative learning experience.

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UT Dallas business school students studying together at the Jindal School of Management

CPA Exam Review

CPADuring the last semester of your graduate year as a PPA student, you will begin sitting for parts of the CPA Exam while completing your graduate degree, with the goal of completing all four parts of the CPA Exam by June 1.

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Jindal School PPA student interns with Whitley Penn colleagues

Public Accounting Internship

PPA students are heavily recruited during their junior year to complete an internship at a public accounting firm. These internships provide PPA students with valuable experience in assurance or taxation, client service, and networking with other accounting professionals.

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Internship Testimonials

David Gutschenritter, Professional Program in Accounting Internship Testimonial portrait

David Gutschenritter, PPA 12


My internship with GT was an incredible experience from start to finish. I was able to work on multiple different clients, each in different industries, with a wide variety of teams. Additionally, I was given responsibility for entire sections, sometimes multiple on a single client, which allowed me to gain an incredible depth of knowledge and experience during my time there.” Read David’s full testimonial.
Anna Le, Professional Program in Accounting Internship Testimonial portrait

Anna Le, PPA 12


Getting to do an internship with EY was by far the best experience I’ve ever had! I had the opportunity to work on 5 different clients across 4 different industries, all within the span of about 2 months. I had the opportunity to work and communicate directly with firm partners, as well as client CFOs, Controllers, and Internal Auditors, which is not something I expected to do as an intern.” Read Anna’s full testimonial.
Michelle Pham, Professional Program in Accounting Internship Testimonial portrait

Michelle Pham, PPA 12


One of the things that I learned from my internship was how to be adaptable. I learned how to work in a professional setting for the first time, how to work in a group while also being responsible for my individual work, and then how to work remotely while still trying to learn as much as I can.” Read Michelle’s full testimonial.
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Class Profile – Professional Program, 2020


Number of Graduates


Average GPA at Admission


Placement to Internships


Placement to Full-Time Jobs

The PPA program was founded in 2007 and continues to be one of the prestigious programs at UT Dallas. The table below features class profiles for the PPA classes.

All PPA Student Statistics by Year
Graduate Year PPA Class Number of Graduates Average GPA at Admission Placement to Internships Placement to
Full-Time Jobs
2018 9 78 3.60 98% 98%
2019 10 70 3.60 100% 97%
2020 11 65 3.75 98% 98%
2021 12 3.70 97% 98%
2022 13 3.73 98%

Student Testimonials

Remsen Jennings portrait

Remsen Jennings, PPA 3

Audit Manager, EY

UT Dallas PPA changed the course of my life. Never could I have imagined as a college sophomore that I would one day be working with Fortune 500 companies at one of the largest public accounting firms in the world.”
Britanny Weber portrait

Brittany Weber, PPA 6

Assurance Senior, EY

As an incoming freshman, I had my eyes set on joining PPA. I knew the program would allow me to achieve my goals of becoming a CPA and working in public accounting. Once in the program, I quickly realized that it would significantly exceed these expectations. Overall, PPA helped me to achieve my goals and allowed me to grow personally and professionally in ways I could have never imagined.”
Pardeep Singh, PPA Class 12

Pardeep Singh, PPA 12

Audit Intern, BDO

The PPA program has been extremely beneficial to me in so many ways. In my short time, I have learned so much about the accounting industry and have been treated to so many great experiences. I give full credit to PPA for allowing me to be the first person in my family to enter the corporate world.”
Kajal Shah, PPA Class 12

Kajal Shah, PPA 12

Audit Intern, EY

PPA has provided me with amazing opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Through PPA, I have been given the resources to start the journey toward achieving my career goals while making lasting connections with my peers.”
Naomi Burnette, PPA Class 12

Naomi Burnette, PPA 12

Audit Intern, EY

PPA has given me a set of friends and like-minded individuals to lean on for support and encouragement, which is something I needed as an upperclassmen going through tough classes.”
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